Before creating or uploading a Document to your Quality Documentation Library, you will need to create a structure that will allow you to organize your Documentation Center, meaning Folders and Document Types.

Creating a Folder

1. On the Quality Menu, select the Document Management option.

2. Click on +Add Folder

3. Write the Name you want your Folder to have and click on Save Folder

Creating a Document Type

1. On the Document Management option, click on the Gear icon.

2. Click on the Document Types option to toggle to that Option

3. Click on +Add Document Type

4. Write the Type of the document on the specific field.

5. You can check two options:
Auditable: To select when the document can’t be deleted
Revisionable: To select when the document can have more versions

6. Click on Save Document Type if you are done with this task or Save and Add Another, to add one more Document Type.

Creating a Document

1. Click on +Add Document 

2. Select the file you want to upload

3. Fill the Name of the File; Select the Parent Folder and the Document Type

4. Click on Save Document if you are done with adding Documents or Save and Add Another, to add one more Document.

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