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How to use Multiple Warehouse Management?
How to use Multiple Warehouse Management?

Learn how to manage multiple warehouse and visualize your stock

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Multiple Warehouse is an Inventory Management feature which allows you to create, edit and manage multiple warehouse locations, as well as to track and register movements between locations. It gives you full visibility into your stock as a whole or by warehouse, lot, product or product family.

Create Multiple Warehouses

1. On the left menu, click on Inventory >> Warehouses.

2. Click on + Add Warehouse

3. Fill all the Required fields and click on Save Warehouse. If you want to add another Warehouse, click on Save and add another one.

4. If you want to Edit one of your Warehouses, click on “Edit”, on the initial warehouse screen.

Note: A Warehouse will only show up in the tablet for inventory movements in the mobile application if it has Warehouse Locations attached for it.

Create Multiple Warehouse Locations

1. On the left menu, click on Inventory >> Warehouse Locations

2. Click on + Add Warehouse Location

3. Fill all the required fields and click on Save Warehouse Location, or on Save and Add another if you want to add more than one Warehouse locations.

The preferred products box is optional, but you can fill it with the products that are usually stored in this location.

Enabling this will highlight the warehouse location on the tablet view - Receiving.

Visualize specific stock with Filters

1. On the left menu, click on Inventory

2. Click on Table Filter

3. Select the Filter you want to use. Using them will filter the quantities displayed on each row.

Visualize Quantities per lot or per location

1. On the left menu, click on Inventory

2. Click on Show more info [+]

3. The quantity for each warehouse location and lot will be displayed.

4. You can also extract the stocks to Excel by clicking on "Excel (Whole List)".

How to move products and lots from one warehouse to another

Autodesk Prodsmart provides you different features and tablet buttons on the tablet to manage your inventory, which you can see below:

  • Internal Move - allowing to move a product/lot from one warehouse to another, on the tablet;

  • Inventory Pick/Drop - allowing to pick a set of products/lots from one warehouse and drop them at one or more warehouses;

  • Shipping & Receiving - allowing to make a shipping from a certain location to outside your factory, and receiving, which has the opposite behavior - from outside to a certain warehouse location;

  • Material Staging - allowing to allocate products/lots to be consumed on a specific production order;

  • Receiving - allowing you to receive purchase orders created on the back office;

  • Request and Deliver Materials - allowing workers to, on the one hand, communicate the need for products, and, on the other hand, fulfilling those needs;

  • Find Product - allowing workers to see where a certain product/lot are, and afterwards picking, moving or shipping it.

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