It is now possible to share information with your users through Prodsmart Announcements, a feature developed to help our clients overcome internal communication needs.

These announcements will be visualized in three pages:

  • Main Dashboard

  • Machine Status

  • Worker Status

Create a New Announcement

  1. Click on Users on the left side menu and select Announcement

  2. Click on +Add Announcement to add a new notice

3. Fill the Code field (Required) and the Expiration Date, which is the day/hour when your Notice will be automatically disabled.

4. If you want your Announcement to be visible immediately, check the Active box.

5. On the Content box, you can write your message. It's possible to change the font definitions by clicking on the Paragraph icon or to use bold, highlights or italic fonts to differentiate your content.

6. Click on Save Announcement to Save the Announcement you just created.

Editing an Existing Announcement

  1. When you open the Announcements menu, all already created Notices will show up. By clicking in Edit, it will open the Edition menu and you will be able to make any desired changes in your Announcement.

How and where the Announcements will be shown?

Once you activate your notice, it will be shown to all of your users in different screens of your Autodesk Prodsmart, such as your Main Dashboard, Machine Status or Worker Status.

Main Dashboard

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