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How to create a Traceability report?
How to create a Traceability report?
Gain full insights on your Production Process
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Our Traceability Reports Feature was built to enable our clients to easily trace relationships among raw materials, products or lots, as well as gaining full and detailed visibility over their processes.
Using Traceability Reports, you will be able to easily answer frequently asked questions, such as:

  • Which stock movements were related to one specific lot?

  • Which raw materials were consumed in this specific lot?

  • Which products are related to this lot?

  • To which client was sent a specific lot?

How to generate a Traceability Report

To create a Traceability Report, you need to select the Reports menu on the sidebar and click on Lot Traceability.

You must filter the product and/or lot which you want to trace - These are mandatory fields.

You can select between two options:
Drill Down - Products and lots consumed by the lot which you are filtering;
Drill Up - Products and lots which consumed the lot which you are filtering.

After selecting your options, click on Generate Report.

Autodesk Prodsmart will open a new window with your report, which is divided in two parts:
On your left, it will show a product and/or lot tree, where you can select any lot or product at any moment by clicking on the name or code you want to visualize.
On your right, you will see the report you selected on the left.

By navigating throughout the product tree, you can access all the information associated with each products or lots assigned to the product or lot filtered by you:

The Traceability Report

Header: Your Traceability Report has a blue header identifying your Product, Lot Number and Current Stock:

Consumed materials stock entries: You can visualize when there were Stock Entries Movements of each product:

Consumption: Identifies the products, lots and quantities consumed in the production:

Production Info: Lists the productions order correspondent to your filter. Identifies the starting and ending time, operation, production order, worker or machine record and produced quantity of your production:

Stock movements: Lists the outwards stock movements.
Identifies the date, product, lot, expedition, order, client and quantity.

Additional options

If the filtered product/lot has more than one BOM (Bill of Materials) level, you can generate the full report by clicking on "Show all BOM levels":

It's possible to Drill Up or Drill Down directly from the report, by clicking on the options:

It's also possible to extract the report in .xlsx or .pdf.

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