How to create a Quality Policy
Find out what is a Quality Policy and how to create it
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A Quality Policy is a document that summarizes the essential elements
of the company's commitment to excellence, the quality parameters.

Once you create your Quality Policy, the document will be accessible to all your workers before they start a new production.

Every user will receive an email informing them about the document.

How to set up your Quality Policy

1-  Click on Quality on the left side menu.
2- Click on "Add Quality Policy" to create a new Quality Policy Document.

3- Write the text on the "Content" tab or upload a document from your computer. Beware that you can't use both at the same time.

3- Save the Quality Policy by clicking on Save Quality Policy

4- Once you've saved it, you need to activate it by clicking on Revision Number and then on Activate.

Note that after published, a Quality Policy can be replaced but not deleted from the system.

How to release your Quality Policy


Your Users will receive an email informing them that a new Quality Policy has been created. To read it, users must click on the button "Click here for more information". 

Users will be redirected to the software, where they can read the new policy.

After reading it they can click outside the document and click on Acknowledge to confirm that they read the Quality Policy or on View Quality Policy to read it again.

Note: To read the quality policy, the user must login to Autodesk Prodsmart first.


After a new Quality Policy is active, every worker must accept it before starting any further operation, by clicking Confirm.

You can set the "Quality Policy" button as visible on your tablet profile, that allows workers to read the quality policy at any given time.

Meanwhile, in your back office, you can check which users and workers have already acknowledged the Quality Policy.

You can manage the future versions of the document. Every new version must be acknowledged for users and workers.

If you want to know more about Quality Management, take a look at our blog.

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