Usually the on-boarding process begins with a call and demo from our side, and we guide you through our platform and set it up with you.

However, if in the meantime you really can't wait for our help, find out here how you can start setting up your account right now, and how the different entities relate with each other 🤓:

  1. Start with defining the Sections

  2. Then set up Downtimes

  3. Now set up Machines (Which include Downtimes & Sections)

  4. Create your Workers

  5. Now create your Products & Operations
    Each operation includes:
    . Machines;
    . Wastes;
    . Sections;

  6. Finally can launch Production Orders for each Product.

This is the relationship between entities in Autodesk Prodsmart. 

Need help? Request a Prodsmart expert to contact you here.

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