You can use an Excel file to import multiple Orders to Prodsmart.
This feature is extremely useful because it allows you to use the functionalities of a spreadsheet to quickly fill the file with hundreds of Products - saving you time.


You should use the template we provide.
This template can be downloaded at "Client Orders" menu in the left side panel, by clicking in "Import Client Orders" option in the upper-right corner.

You will find an option to download a template file and you should Select the "Excel" option.

This file is what you will need to use whenever you want to import new Client Orders. Save it in the location you prefer so you can reuse it whenever you need it.

How to fill the Template

When you open the Template, it will be filled with an example.

The columns that you must fill are:  
 "Client Order Code": Reference that identifies the Client Order;
 "Client": Client Code
 "Creation Date": Day and hour when the Client Order was created
 "Product Code": Code of the ordered product
 "Quantity": Amount of ordered products
 "Due Date": Expedition date


1. Consider formatting the columns in text before you begin filling;

2. When completing the dates use the format indicated in column G and F,  "ex: 22/08/2018 00H00";
3. Do not use formulas in cells;
4. Only the first page of the file is imported. You can use other pages but only the first one will be taken into account.

Small example of the template used for two different products:

How to import the file

Returning to where you downloaded the template, you will see in the central of the page the option to choose and import the template. After clicking "Start to send" A page will be shown to confirm all the information (if there are errors, they will be identified on this page as well). If everything is as you want, click "Confirm".

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