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Create and print customized labels with useful information about your production
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Our label generator allows you to create several labels for different situations: a label that identifies all aspects of a production order which you can add to the product or product box, identifying it in all phases of the process. You can also print labels when receiving and moving internally your materials.

How to create labels?

To create new labels, follow these easy steps:

1. From the vertical left side menu, access "Operations".

2. Under "Operations", go to the "Labels" menu and click on "Add Label".

3. This step will take you to the label's editor where you can create and edit your new label.
Start by assigning a code to your label. You can use the text editor to add free text or use the system fields to automatically assign some information to your label at the time of printing.

There is also the possibility to:

i. Configure additional tags for inventory movements.

ii. Edit the label border and size.

iii. Edit text size by clicking (1) on the paragraph icon > selecting the size (2), and format (bold, italic, underlined and strikethrough) the text format by clicking (3) on the corresponding options.


Associate the label to an Operation

To be able to print the label at the end of an operation, you will need to associate the operation with the labels you want to print. To do it, follow these steps:
1. Open the "Operations" screen.
2. Search and edit the operation to which you want to associate the label.
3. Under the "Advanced Fields" you will find the field "Labels ", where you can associate the labels you want to print.
4. Select as well the "Enable Barcode printing" option.


How to print labels/barcodes?

You can print the labels in different occasions:

  • When you finish the production or an inventory movement, giving the order to print directly on the mobile device where you are collecting information.

  • In the production record that generated the label (via management interface)

  • In the worker menu, after selecting the "History" button (via mobile interface)

  • In the production orders bulk actions (via management interface)

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