In the Workers > Status screen it's possible to have an updated overview of the worker status in the factory. As such, it's possible to know in real time what each and every worker is currently doing at their workplace.

Every worker status is represented by a distinct color. There are 5 worker status and comprehend the following behaviours and meanings:

  • Available (Blue) : When a worker is not registering productions, but it's still during its labor schedule.

  • Working (Green) : When a production in progress is assigned to the worker, being possible to view which production order and operation he's doing, and the quantity left to finish.

  • Stopped (Red) : When it's associated to a, planned or not, factory stoppage. 

  • No records today (Yellow) : When there is no production record until that moment, which implies that the worker hasn't registred any production record during it's schedule.

  • No schedule today (Grey) : When it isn't supposed to be at work.

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