The Production Plans feature within Autodesk Prodsmart allows you to calculate your factory's capacity to accept new orders, based on the Production Orders planned for a given time and, by doing this, makes it possible to plan better.

The Production Plans are created through Client Orders. They allow you to plan new  Production Orders (PO) for Client Orders that haven't yet been planned.


1. Create a new Production Plan at Management -> Scheduling -> Production Plans. Then, just click on +Add production Plan.

2. Fill the following fields:

  1. Code of the new Production Plan (e.g.: "Week 21 plan");

  2. Select the option to create POs by Shipping or by Product:
    a) By Shipping: create a PO containing the products on each shipping date defined on the Client Order;
    b) By Product: create a PO for each Shipping date, separated by product.

  3. If the products on the Client Orders need sub-products to be produced, you can also create POs for the sub-products, by selecting that option.

3. Select which Client Orders should be included in the Production Plan that's being created. To do this, click on the Client Orders you want to select.

4. The following screen shows a preview of the POs that'll be created in the Production Plan, based on the Client Orders previously selected.

The codes and quantities of the POs can be modified. By clicking on Save Production Plan, the plan will be saved and the POs necessary to fulfil the orders will be created in draft mode.

Step 5

The new Production Orders will be shown in a timeline, according to the following rules:

  1. End date equal to the shipping date defined;

  2. Start date calculated according to:
    a) product lead time (defined on the product itself);
    b) a standard 15 days period (if the product has no lead time defined)

In this Gantt chart it is possible to move the bars that correspond to the POs, changing their dates. It is also possible to resize them to reduce/increase the planned time for each PO.

You can also use the available load and capacity calculator, based on the POs already ongoing and also the ones that are being planned. These values will be calculated as you change the new Production Orders, as shown in the screenshot below:

The Load values are calculated by:

Daily Load of a Production Order = sum of the estimated time of the mandatory operations* / no. of days planned for the Production Order
Daily Load = sum of the daily load of every Production Orders on that date

*mandatory operations = operations that are not optional, recovery, no time or no quantity

When you finish planning the POs for the Client Orders chosen, just save the Production Plan, by clicking the button "Validate plan and create Production Orders".

The new Production Orders will be created and shown on the Production Orders list menu.

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