What do we do?

In short, Prodsmart offers real-time analytics for production lines and job shops. We turn plain factories into digital smart factories. Prodsmart is a cloud manufacturing system collecting information via mobile digital devices directly from the workforce, rendering supply chains paperless.

One important consequence of having real-time analytics is that it allows you to quickly identify waste. This in turn facilitates plans to address inefficiencies as soon as they arise.


Which sectors do we support?

All manufacturing sectors (plastics, automotive, metalworks, food & beverage, etc).


Which software integrations do we support (ERPs)?

Prodsmart isn’t an ERP (invoicing, accountancy, HR, etc). But we do integrate with every major ERP (SAP, Sage, Oracle, etc). More information is available at https://prodsmart.com/en/integrations/.


Do we also integrate with machines?

Yes. We manage machine downtimes and machine integration. You’ll find an API for this, just contact us for more information.


Which types of processes do we support?

- Serial or mass production (assembly lines) and unit production (job shops). 

- High mix, low volume and customisation.

- Discrete manufacturing and process manufacturing.


Do we sell on-premise solutions (installed on the customer’s hardware, with their own servers)?

No. We are a cloud solution. We do not do on-premise installations.


Do we support planning?

Yes. We support planning.


Do we support logistics?

Yes. We support order management and stocks. We support Bill of Materials (BOM) and Work In Process (WIP) inventory.


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