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Header Sheets - Using Barcodes on Autodesk Prodsmart
Header Sheets - Using Barcodes on Autodesk Prodsmart
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Here at Autodesk Prodsmart, we work hard to help our customers eradicate paper from their shop floor. Nevertheless, you might need to print out a sheet of paper if you are using a regular barcode scanner! If you are using a mobile device, just zoom in the barcodes and scan it directly from the other screen! 

I’m talking about barcodes and how to use them to boost your data tracking. Whenever you create a new Production Order (PO), you can print a header sheet that has some information about the PO and barcodes to be read directly with your app or with an external barcode reader.

To try this functionality follow these simple steps:

1 – Go to the left sidebar and access “Production Orders” menu;

2 – Choose one PO and look at the bottom square “Actions”

3 – You’ll find a list of icons, identify and click “Head Sheets” icon.

4 – A new browser tab will open and you’ll need to print this spreadsheet.

5 – Open the Autodesk Prodsmart app on your mobile device

6 – Click insert production and then identify yourself with a worker id

7 – At the PO screen you’ll find a camera icon on the top right corner. Click on it.

8 – This will open a bar coder reader, and all you have to do is to scan the barcode.

Pro Tip: By pointing the camera directly to the operation barcode you’ll skip the reading of the PO and the product.

Pro Tip 2: Print the worker’s ID barcode on the Worker’s Menu and use it to identify the worker on the check-in.

Now it’s time for you to go on an try it out! If there is anything we can help you with, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Autodesk Prodsmart!

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