You can create many users with different profiles in Autodesk Prodsmart 

Note: don't mix up the concepts of "user" and "worker". User is someone that has access to Autodesk Prodsmart's production management module. Worker is someone that inserts shop floor data into the platform.

There are several types of user roles:

User - This type of user has access to all the basic and advanced features, apart from creating or editing other users and scheduling reports/alerts.

Logistics director - This is a logistic profile, suitable for warehouse workers and managers. Gives access to the Inventory and Productions Orders menu (without any kind of restrictions in both of them). It is also possible to open Purchase and Sales orders.

Section manager - This profile only gives access to Productions Orders menu. However, this user is unable to create new productions orders or edit existing ones. 

Machine Manager - This profile only gives access to Reports, Machines and Downtimes menu (without any kind of restrictions in all of them).

Warehouse - Shop floor profile to be used with our mobile app. It only gives access to the Raw Material Delivery button. 

Tablet -  Default shop floor user, with access to all mobile app buttons (the buttons visibility requires a previous configuration by the administrator).

Purchase Order Leader - Has most of the permissions of an administrator, cannot edit or add Users but has access to the Purchase Order Approval Flow

Quality Manager - Only has access to Production Records/Reports/Analytics and the Quality dashboard, can edit all of these - This profile is built for someone who will manage the quality metrics.

Section Admin - Only has access and edit permissions to Production Orders/Production Records/Downtimes/Punch Clock and Maintenance - This profile is built for someone who will have an overview of all the production aspects of your manufacturing.

Administrator - User has access to all the basic and advanced features, without any restrictions. It's the only type of user that can:

  • create new users

  • setup notifications

  • import files

  • manage integrations

  • manage billing

To create a new user, follow these simple steps:

1) Go to the left sidebar and access the Users menu.
2) On the Users menu, click on "Add User".

3) Type in the "Full Name" of the new user, "Email" (necessary for notifications, reports, password recovery, etc...), "Password" with at least eight characters, "Role" and "Time Zone". When you're all done, click on "Save User".

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