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Worker login with custom NFC/RFID/SmartCard/Barcodes
Worker login with custom NFC/RFID/SmartCard/Barcodes
Workers can use custom codes to directly login the app using NFC/RFID/SmartCard/Barcode readers
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If the workers in your factory already have barcode labels or NFC/RFID tags and you don't want to use the barcode labels generated by Autodesk Prodsmart, workers can still use their custom codes to login in the app.


In order for this to work, first you must set the custom codes on each worker that's going to use this functionality. To do this, simply go to each workers page and fill in the "NFC/RFID/SmartCard/Barcode for login" box with your code.

You can write the code manually, or alternatively, if you have an NFC/RFID/SmartCard/Barcode reader connected to your computer, simply select the text box and read your worker's code. The code should immediately appear in the text box, as plain text.

The codes used to check in must be unique (i.e. different workers may not use the same code).


After setting the codes, the workers in your factory may use their custom codes to check-in productions in Autodesk Prodsmart's mobile app. To do this, simply read the codes using your NFC/RFID/Barcode reader while in the tablet main screen or in the worker login screen.

If you have any difficulties using this functionality, request a Prodsmart expert to contact you here.

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