• Stock movements reports
    Makes it possible to obtain a report with all the stock movements of a given product / lot number and the total amount of entries, exits and consumptions.


  • Traceability reports
    It's now possible to Drill up and down a specific raw material/sub product usage all the way until a final product. More info here.
  • Automatic machines productions' checkout
    It's now possible to limit who can checkout automatic machines' productions. The checkout can be allowed only to the worker who started the production or to any worker in the same section.


  • Work instructions
    Allows you to create detailed instructions for each operation in your process, that may include multiple steps with text and/or images. These work instructions may be consulted by workers, on the tablet.
  • Bulk edit/associate (Operations)
    It's possible to associate Machines, Wastes and Work instructions to Operations in bulk. Also, it's possible to change, in bulk, Operations' options (optional, team, no quantity, no time, ...).


  • Quality Policies
    Allows you to create Quality Policies and ensure they're seen by every worker and user. More info here.


  • [API] Punch Clock list
    More info.


  • Downtime report
    It's now possible to obtain a report with the downtimes that affected your production. In this report you can see directly the notes added when the downtimes happened.


    Prodsmart has a new look. We have updated our User Interface to a cleaner and brand new style.
  • Product specs sheet
    You can now generate technical spec sheets of your products. These sheets contain info about the product, it's components (BoM) and operations routing. The specs sheets may also include images and additional notes.


  • Production Orders custom fields
    It makes it possible to register custom values on your Production Orders.


  • Material requirements planning
    It is now possible to see in gantt chart with the materials needed to produce the planned Production Orders. The material requirements can also be exported to a spreadsheet.


  • Materials needed by Production Order
    Now you can easily see and export the materials needed to produce a given Production Order.


  • Lots with expiration date
    It's now possible to set an expiration date for each lot number.


  • Production Order progress
    Know how many operations have been performed and how many units have been finished. More info here.


  • Minimum Stock alert
    Receive an alert when the stock of a product is bellow the minimum defined value.


  • BoM explosion with Raw Materials
    When creating a Production Order, you can now obtain a list with the needed raw materials.
  • Planning with Load and Capacity
    In the planning screens it's now possible to know your factory capacity and planned load.


  • Custom Labels
    It's now possible to create and print custom labels.


  • Quantity by Lot
    Know how much stock you have of a given lot, per product.
  • Costs
    You can know how much cost you a given production. The cost will be calculated taking into account the labor, machines and raw-materials cost.
  • File browser on tablet
    It's now possible to see on the tablet, files uploaded in the admin area.


  • Production Plan
    It is now possible to create a production plan for your Client Orders. Define when will be done each of the POs necessary to fulfill them, according to the capacity and load of your factory.
  • Client Order import


  • Box tracking
    You can follow the production status of each box in your PO.
  • List existing Lots when filling real consumptions
    Makes it possible to choose from existing lots.


  • Worker Status screen
    You can watch your factory workers' status in a single screen. This way you'll know what each person is working on.


  • [API] Downtime list service
    More info here
  • [API] New changes channel
    More info here.
  • [API] Create production order accepts workergroups
    using "All" you can assign the Production Order to all workers


  • Production status on Client Orders/Shippings
    Production Order status can now be seen in Client Order/Shipping list screens. The completeness of the Production Orders will only appear there if the Production Orders are associated with the Shippings.


  • Planning by Operation
    Now you can define which Operations should be performed in a given Production Order.
  • Machine screen
    In the tablet, it is possible to see what's going on in a given Machine, using the Machine Status screen. From this screen, you can perform several actions directly on the visualized machine.
  • Checklist Consult
    It is now possible to consult, in the tablet, the checklists collected in a given Production Order (available in the Machine status screen).
  • Shift change
    A worker can start producing in an automatic machine at the end of his shift, and a different worker finish the production, so that this production is associated with the worker who finishes it.


  • Close all Multi Products/POs
    It is now possible to close, at once, "multi" operations in progress, with the quantities ordered in the respective Production Orders, without the need of closing one by one.
  • Punch Clock system with schedule
    The Punch Clock has been improved and it is already possible to use the punch clock to register variations in the workers entries/exits, combining them with the schedule defined for the worker.
  • Production by box
    It is already possible to register on which boxes of a Production Order a worker has been working on.


  • Lead Time reports
    It is possible to request a Lead Time report of Production Orders. I.e. how many days it took to produce a given quantity of a product.
  • Notes in downtimes
    The workers may now input aditional notes when finishing a downtime, if the downtime type allows it.
  • Machine status screen improvement
    The machine status screen shows the quantities to be produced in the operation the manchine's working on.


  • Reorderable columns in Production reports
    It is now possible to reorder production reports by the desired column.
  • Sections in Operations, Workers and Machines
    Operations can now be associated to a section of your factory and will only be performed by workers/machines in that section.
  • Suport to NFC/RFID/SmartCard/Barcodes
    Worker login using custom codes that you already use on your factory.


  • Possible error in quantities warning
    When inserting the produced quantities, workers are warned if we have reasons to thing the quantity may be wrong.


  • Execution (Planning)
    In the
    Execution page, inside the planning menu, you may visualize the factories execution, comparing ordered quantities and manufactured quantities by day.
  • File uploads
    It's already possible to add images, text, Word, PDF, Excel and Powerpoint files to products, operations and production orders.
  • [API] Production Order filters on list production service
  • [API] Change feed channels
    As an alternative to webhooks, to lower polling load to sync systems, we've developed a service that saves changes made to Production Orders for 24h. More info in the API documentation.


  • Changeable downtimes
    When a worker finishes a downtime on the tablet, he may change the downtime type if it's "changeable". You can define this  option in the Downtime Type.
  • Parameters and lots support on shipping client orders.


  • Periodic reports
    Every Monday morning you should receive in your inbox a weekly report that states production numbers from the week before. If you want, you can receive a daily report with data from the day before, if you change the settings here.
  • Product and operations import
    It's now possible to associate machines to operations and operations settings directly on Product import.
  • Machine filter in Production Orders.




  • Machine Components
  • Planned Downtimes




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