• Execution (Planning)
    In the
    Execution page, inside the planning menu, you may visualize the factories execution, comparing ordered quantities and manufactured quantities by day.
  • File uploads
    It's already possible to add images, text, Word, PDF, Excel and Powerpoint files to products, operations and production orders.
  • [API] Production Order filters on list production service
  • [API] Change feed channels
    As an alternative to webhooks, to lower polling load to sync systems, we've developed a service that saves changes made to Production Orders for 24h.
    More info in the API documentation.


  • Changeable downtimes
    When a worker finishes a downtime on the tablet, he may change the downtime type if it's "changeable". You can define this  option in the Downtime Type.
  • Parameters and lots support on shipping client orders.


  • Periodic reports
    Every Monday morning you should receive in your inbox a weekly report that states production numbers from the week before. If you want, you can receive a daily report with data from the day before, if you change the settings
  • Product and operations import
    It's now possible to associate machines to operations and operations settings directly on Product import.
  • Machine filter in Production Orders.




  • Machine Components
  • Planned Downtimes




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