The "Work in Process" (WIP) Inventory is a quick and visual way to know what the inventory in production at the current moment is.

To obtain that information just go to the “WIP Inventory” dashboard, placed on the “Stocks” submenu of Prodsmart.

There you can see automatically generated charts comprising the quantities of the Ordered Product throughout all the non-stored Production Orders, the quantity of Product which can be produced with Released Material and the quantity of Production that has already moved through every Operation. The intermediate operations are marked in dark blue and the final operation – which might pinpoint the quantity of finished product – is marked in green.

As example, check the graphic above. In this production, 533 unities of “Razor Blades #35 Blue” were ordered as a Production Order, for which was released enough Material to produce 358 unities. There are 4 unities which are currently between Operation 6 and 7, 75 unities between Operation 7 and 14, 29 unities between Operation 14 e 15.1 and 247 unities of finished product, that has already concluded the Operation 15.2, the final one of this production flow and of this product.

But the best example is your own production! I’m sure that when you will be able to look at such charts with your Products and your Operations you will immediately understand it and you will grasp the serviceableness of this new functionality. To do that, just follow this link:

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