After having done the necessary configurations in order to have your production being reproduced in the system and after having created your first production order we can insert productions in the system with our app on the tablet (or any other device that has been properly configured for such purpose). This will be the interface that workers will work with at the plant’s floor to insert into the system what they produce.

There are several methods to insert productions but, for now, we will solely describe the multiples steps of one of those.

1) Starting Screen

With the tablet turned on, unlocked and with our app properly working, the Starting Screen is where a production input starts. As mentioned, to insert a production press “Insert Production”.

2) Identification

Taking into consideration that, usually, each table is used by several people in the plant’s floor, the first step will be focused on their own identification in order to let the system aware of who is the worker that is currently inserting production. The worker should insert his number, as previously configured, and then press “OK”.

Then, the worker will only access the settings which were delineated in the system’s configuration and planning, in accordance with his skills, as they are configured.

3) Shipping

If any Shipping is attached to Production Orders, this screen is where the Worker will indicate which Shipping he is about to address. If there are none, this screen will not be shown.

4) Production Order

Then you should select the Production Order with which you will work.

5) Product

In this screen, you should select the Product with which you will work.

6) Operation

Now, choose the Operation that you will execute considering the Product which you have previously chosen.

7) Clock has now started

After having selected Shipping (if there is any), Production Order, Product and Operation with which you will work, the system will start its clock.

8) Starting Screen …again.

After the worker has indicated what he is going to do, he, as a matter of fact, went to do it. The clock has started and we are now back to the starting screen. When you finish the Operation that you started to carry out, you will get back to the starting screen and you will press “Insert Production” again. At this time the app can be used by another user, with no problem whatsoever, as long as this user identifies himself properly.

9) Identification

The worker identifies himself once again in order to let the system know who it is interacting with.

10) Quantity

Insert the number of times that you carried out the indicated Operation. Usually this is equal to the quantity of intermediate product produced by such operation, except cases in which an Operation has to be performed several times in each Product.

11) Confirm

In this last screen you can see all production-related data which you are currently inserting. If everything is in accordance with what you want press “Confirm”.

12) The End

Your production was inserted. You will be able to check, for instance, the Main Dashboard at the Management and Analysis module, its impact on the Productivity, Availability and Quality indicators.

13) …and back to the Starting Screen.

The system is ready once again to be used by any worker.

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